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My License is Revoked for a Period of Five or Ten Years/I'm On A 5 or 10 Year Denial

If your driving privileges have been revoked for a period of five or ten years, you may still be eligible for limited driving privileges. In order to obtain limited driving privileges, you must file a petition in the circuit court.

If your five or ten year denial period is up, you also must petition the court to have your driving privileges reinstated.

In order to petition the court for limited driving privileges or for full reinstatement, contact our office for a consultation regarding your eligibility and pricing. Before calling, please have the following information handy:

1)Information on all of your prior driving related charges including:

  • -Which court the charge was issued through
  • -Level of the charge (misdemeanor, felony, etc)
  • -The disposition/outcome of the charge (SIS, SES, time served, etc)
  • -Date of disposition

  • 2) Alcohol/Drug treatment you have attended

    3) Current occupation/work status

    4) Any law enforcement contact you have had since the five/ten year denial began

    You will most likely have to submit to a thorough FBI/MSHP criminal background check and, if your petition is granted, you will have to have ignition interlock with GPS tracking installed on any vehicle you plan to drive.

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