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We offer competitive pricing on all of our services. For DWS/DWR our pricing is based upon the following:

Circuit Courts typically require more attorney appearances and the charges carry tougher potential consequences. Some municipal courts, on the other hand, are sometimes pretty straightforward and easy to work with. Our staff is well acquainted with the required processes at all of the area courts and prices accordingly.

If your license is already reinstated, you're going to get a much lower price quote than someone who won't be eligible for reinstatement for a long time, or someone who still has a bunch of hoops to jump through before their license is all the way valid. Our staff will take all this into consideration when offering a quote.

If you have just a few minor issues on your driving record it will be much easier to make a deal with the prosecuting attorney to amend your ticket than it will be for someone who has had lots of problems in the past. We will ask about your driving history to determine the best approach for handling your ticket.

So How Do I Get the Lowest Price Possible?

Based on the above, you can see that our lowest price points will apply to people who have DWS/DWR tickets through a municipal court, whose license is already reinstated or who has a Limited Driving Privilege in place , and who hasn't had too rough of a driving history.

You won't have any control over some of those things, but what you can do is take the steps necessary to get your license reinstated or get a Limited Driving Privilege by following the steps listed on this page. That being said, we will do our very best to give you the most competitive price possible no matter what your particular circumstances are.

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